Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction by two-armed quadriceps tendon transplant: technique, biomechanics and first results

  • J. Hassenpflug
Conference paper


For the replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament a double-layered strip ot the quadriceps tendon is used which remains distally fixed to a trapezoid piece of bone from the patella. This piece of bone is inserted into the tibia head. One of the two arms of the transplant is guided through a canal in the condyle. The other arm is fixed “over-the-top”.lt has been demonstrated by biomechanical investigations in autopsy knees that the “over-the-top” arm is able to protect the transcondylar arm against early distension. Extraarticularly an ELLISON-procedure is performed.

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  • J. Hassenpflug
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  1. 1.Department of Orthopaedic SurgeryUniversity KielKielFederal Republic of Germany

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