Diagenetic Sulphide Mineralization within the Stratiform Copper-Cobalt Deposit of West Kambove (Shaba-Zaire). Sequence of Mineralization in Sediment-Hosted Copper Deposits (Part 2)

  • J. Cailteux
Part of the Special Publication No. 4 of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits book series (MINERAL DEPOS., volume 4)


The stratiform copper-cobalt mineralization in the Shaban Mines Group took place in intertidal sediments enclosing the stromatolitic masses of the R.2.1.3 unit and around similar masses corresponding to the R.2.3.1 unit.

The cristallization of primary sulphides displays a vertical zoning with pyrite at the base and at the top of the ore bodies. They form micro- and macrocycles suggesting a sequence of copper and cobalt mineralization. This mineralization results from a diagenetic process involving a mixing of stagnant interstitial water with brines which were enriched in metals and which migrated through still porous sediments. Secondary reactions with the brines enriched previously formed sulfides with additional copper and/or cobalt.


Sulphide Cobalt Dolomite Pyrite Chlorite 


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  • J. Cailteux
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  1. 1.Bureau d’Etudes GéologiquesGECAMINES, P.R.D.Likasi, ShabaZaire

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