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  • Harry C. Torno
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One of the major objectives of the Workshop was to identify those areas where future research is still needed, or where work needs to be done to move technology which has been demonstrated in the laboratory to practical applications in the field. This was accomplished in the Workshop in two ways. First, many of the principal review papers highlighted those areas where our knowledge is weak. More important, a session devoted to future research was held on the last day of the Workshop. Each participant had been asked earlier in the week to list the four or five most important research needs from their individual points of view. 37 lists were received from the 46 participants. These lists were then analyzed, and the needs aggregated. The following list is that aggregation, and indicates, in priority order, the needs which the participants felt were most important (the number at the right indicates the number of participants who listed the need among their most important).


Toxic Pollutant Urban Runoff Combine Sewer Combine Sewer Overflow Pollutant Accumulation 
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