Toxic Contaminants in Urban Runoff: A Case Study

  • J. Marsalek
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Concerns about adverse effects of toxic substances on the environment and human health have increased in recent years as a result of mounting experimental evidence indicating carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic impacts of these substances throughout the biosphere. Such concerns have been further heightened by the widespread distribution of toxics in the environment and by indications of bioaccumulation and biomagnification of many toxic substances. Although in many cases the impacts of relatively low-level concentrations of toxics are not yet fully understood, a conservative approach to this problem and the need to improve the understanding of underlying processes are generally advocated. Consequently, the Canadian Department of Environment has initiated a research program on toxic substances. The main goals of this program include the compilation of inventories of toxics in the environment; identification of their sources, pathways and impacts; and, the development of control and remedial measures.


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