Pharmacological Intervention on Some Enzyme Activities of Various Brain Areas During Hypoxia and Post-Hypoxic Recovery

  • G. Benzi


In cerebral physiopathology, hypoxia and aging often concur, variously combined, and the behaviour of brain metabolism under these conditions is an important problem in both the experimental and clinical fields. The complexity of this problem has supported specific experimental studies using different models and parameters of evaluation. For many years the effect of drugs on aging of the brain and on cerebrovascular diseases was ascribed to their action on cerebral blood flow, metabolic effects being regarded as secondary. More recently, drugs have been shown to change brain energy metabolism, as evaluated by enzyme activities. These pharmacological actions were affected by a variety of factors, such as age, duration of pathological insult, brain area and subcellular fraction [3–5, 8, 1, 25–27, 10].


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