The Effects of Nicergoline on the Filtrability of Hyperosmolar Blood

  • A. M. Ehrly
  • H. Landgraf
Conference paper


The improvement of the flow properties of the blood has become one of the essential aims of therapeutic measures in chronic arterial obstructive disease. Particular attention has been paid to one factor in the flow properties of blood, namely red-cell deformability, ever since Ehrly et al. [1] as well as - independently — Reid et al. [2] published in 1976 on reduced red-cell deformability, as assessed by means of erythrocyte filtrability, in patients with atheriosclerosis obliterans. Diminished erythrocyte deformability can be improved, together with the tissue supply, by means of certain drugs [3].


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  • A. M. Ehrly
  • H. Landgraf
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  1. 1.Angiology Section of the Centre of Internal MedicineJohann-Wolfgang-Goethe-UniversityFrankfurtGermany

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