Pulse Waveform Standards for Electro-Optics

  • Robert A. Lawton
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The maturing of the semiconductor industry has resulted in the need for faster methods for the measurement of pulse waveforms. The measurement requirements are fast outstripping the capability of integrated circuit testors. The fastest commercial sampling oscilloscope today has a step response transition duration (risetime) of 20 picoseconds. For the measurement of single transients, available time resolution is somewhat less. This time resolution is not adequate to support the measurement of the faster semiconductor devices being developed, such as gallium arsenide logic gates whose switching times have been estimated to be 12 picoseconds [1]. Measurement of such transitions requires a significant advance in measurement technology. A prime candidate for making the required quantum leap in time measurement resolution is the electro-optic sampler [2]. This sampler has a demonstrated resolution of 0.4 picoseconds and a theoretical resolution limit much shorter than that.


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