Pristane-Induced Arthritis in BALB/c Mice

  • S. J. Hopkins
  • A. J. Freemont
  • M. I. V. Jayson
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 122)


As part of a report on plasmacytoma incidence in sub-lines of Balb/c mice, Michael Potter and Judith Wax described an arthritis which occured in the fore and hind limbs of many of these animals (Potter and Wax 1981). The absence of good models for rheumatoid arthritis and the fact that the nature of arthritis induction seemed different to previous models suggested that this system was worth examining. The Balb/cJ sub-line was found to be the best responder for arthritis induction by Potter and Wax and this happened to be the background of the sub-line available in our animal facility (Balb/cJ/01a). The first few experiments indicated that we were getting a similar incidence of arthritis and a number of tissues were examined histologically. These initial findings have been reported (Hopkins, Freemont and Jayson 1984) and we have now completed further experiments, which extend and confirm our earlier findings.


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  • S. J. Hopkins
  • A. J. Freemont
  • M. I. V. Jayson

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