The Tol-1 Gene in BALB/c Mice

  • C. Cowing
  • P. Schricker
  • S. Leskowitz
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 122)


Immunologic tolerance, or the failure to respond to an otherwise immunogenic stimulus, was first noted by Ehrlich at the turn of the century. Eighty years later immunologists are still trying to understand the mechanisms responsible for the induction and maintenance of tolerance, whether it be innate tolerance to self molecules or induced tolerance to exogenous antigens. Three basic mechanisms have been envisioned for the maintenance of the tolerant state: deletion of potentially responsive clones, antigen-mediated inactivation (blockade) of specific clones and indirect suppression of responsive clones by suppressor T cells or other cells. In most instances of antigen-specific tolerance it remains uncertain which of these mechanisms is responsible. Perhaps even less clear are the conditions necessary for the induction of the tolerant state. The gene described in this review is one which controls susceptibility to the induction of immune tolerance to heterologous immunoglobulin molecules (Ig).


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  • P. Schricker
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