The First Interview in Positive Psychotherapy

  • Nossrat Peseschkian


The mullah, a preacher, wanted to get some nuts for his wife, because she had promised to cook him fesenjan, a dish prepared with nuts. In the joy of anticipating his favorite dish, the mullah reached deep into the nut jar and grabbed as many nuts as he could reach with one hand. When he tried to pull his arm out of the jar, it got stuck. As hard as he twisted and pulled, the jar would not release his arm. He cried, groaned, and cursed as a mullah really shouldn’t. But nothing helped. Even when his wife took the jar and pulled on it with all her strength, nothing happened. His hand remained stuck in the neck of the jar. After many futile attempts, they called in their neighbors for help. E very one followed with great interest this drama which was being played out in front of them. One of the neighbors took a look at the Situation and asked the mullah how he had gotten into such a fix. With a pathetic voice and moans of desperation, the mullah told of the mishap. His neighbor said, “I will help you if you do exactly as I say.”


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