Vecuronium (ORG-NC-45)

  • R. D. Miller
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For several years, anesthesiologists have stated that two new types of neuromuscular blocking drugs (curare-like drugs, muscle relaxants) are needed in clinical anesthesia (Savarese and Kitz 1975). One type of neuromuscular blocking drug would be one that is nondepolarizing with a very rapid onset time (time from muscle relaxant administration until peak effect) and short duration of action, similar to that of succinylcholine, but without the latter drug’s well-known side effects and complications. BW 785U seemed to meet these qualifications (Savarese et al. 1980). However, because of significant histamine release (Rosow et al. 1980), clinical trials with BW 785U were terminated. Thus, the goal of developing this type of neuromuscular blocking drug for clinical anesthesiology has yet to be realized.


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