Delegated Concepts

  • Nossrat Peseschkian


Concepts are contained avowedly and unavowedly as game rules in interpersonal relationships. To some extent, one formulates his concepts clearly and succinctly and says, “Orderliness is half of life. ” But, on the other hand, one lives them without being aware of them. One straightens a picture hanging a bit crookedly on the wall, picks up every little dust ball off the floor, and feels comfortable only when the house is as tidy as he wants it to be. Concepts are passed on between the generations in a similar two-fold way: By saying what kind of order one wants and by living that order, punishing the child or mate for alleged sloppiness and tending to the same area until the other person identifies with it or runs away from it: “We don’t invite our mother-in- law here anymore. She always has to show us that my wife is not the ideal housewife. She never passes up an opportunity to show how careless my wife is. ”.


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