Calcium Transport and Mono(ADP-Ribosylation) in Mitochondria

  • Christoph Richter
  • Balz Frei
  • Jörg Schlegel
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The intracellular distribution of Ca2+ and, in particular, the level of cytosolic free Ca2+ are known to be extremely important in the regulation of many cellular processes, including metabolism, motility, exocytosis, membrane transport, and cell division [1, 2]. In many cells, such as hepatocytes, the cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration is thought to be controlled through the concerted action of Ca2+ transport systems located in the membranes of mitochondria [3], endoplasmatic reticulum [4], and plasmalemma [5].


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Mitochondrial transmembrane electrical potential, negative inside


Sodium dodecyl sulfate Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis


Submitochondrial particles


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  • Christoph Richter
  • Balz Frei
  • Jörg Schlegel
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  1. 1.Laboratorium für Biochemie IEidgenössische Technische HochschuleZürichSwitzerland

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