Serotonin, Dopamine, and Related Molecules are Transported Selectively by Noncyclic Neutral Li+-Selective Ionophores: Implications for Electrodes and for Neurobiological Studies

  • R. Margalit
  • R. Azuri-Yam
  • A. Zeevi


We have recently found that several neutral ionophores selective to alkali cations ([1–3]; A.Zeevi and R. Margalit 1984, in preparation) can also act as selective carriers for biogenic amines, mediating their electrogenic transport across lipid bilayer membranes. The three ionophores we have studied are illustrated in Fig. 1. ETH 1644 has been developed by Simon and his group [3]. AS 701 and AS 704 have been developed by Shanzer and his group [1, 2]. All are lithium-selective among alkali cations [1–3].


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  • R. Azuri-Yam
  • A. Zeevi

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