Ion Activity Measurements in Extracellular Spaces, Nerve and Glial Cells in the Central Nervous System of the Leech

  • W. R. Schlue
  • W. Wuttke
  • J. W. Deitmer


The central nervous system (CNS) of both vertebrates and invertebrates comprises three compartments: the intracellular media of nerve and of glial cells, and the extracellular space. The composition of each of these three compartments can be quite variable, and may even change within the same system during activity [1,7]. The regulation of ion activities in all three compartments seems to be essential for proper neuronal functioning [2,14]. It follows that a study concerned with ionic homeostasis in the CNS should take into account all three compartments.


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  • W. R. Schlue
  • W. Wuttke
  • J. W. Deitmer

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