Calcium Currents in Mammalian Central Neurones

  • D. A. Brown
  • R. J. Docherty
  • B. H. Gahwiler
  • J. V. Halliwell
Part of the Bayer-Symposium book series (BAYER-SYMP, volume 9)


Voltage-activated Ca-currents (ICa) are present in most neurones (Hagiwara and Byerly 1981; Kostyuk 1981). This article concerns the Ca-currents observed in mammalian central neurones. Their properties have been inferred from a variety of Ca-dependent voltage-transients (reviewed by Llinas and Walton 1980); and Ca-currents have been recorded directly in voltage-clamp experiments on spinal motoneurones (Schwindt and Crill 1980a,b), in hippocampal pyramidal cells (Johnston et al. 1980; Brown and Griffith 1983 b; Halliwell 1983) and in olfactory cortex neurons (A. Constanti and M. Galvan, unpublished observations).


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