Macrofauna Promotes Meiofauna

  • Karsten Reise
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 54)


Promotion is any process between species where one of them is of benefit to the others without being harmed in return. Prevailing concepts of community organization emphasize repressive or limiting interactions, such as predation and competition. Promotive interactions are hardly ever mentioned. In this chapter I show that the promotion of one or more species populations by a promotor species is a common and important phenomenon in marine sediments. A few of these positive interactions are mutual, but most of them seem to constitute unidirectional benefits without apparent reciprocal relations. The term promotion is here introduced to encompass various special forms of positive interactions: mutualism (reciprocal benefits), commensalism (“company at the same table”), parabiosis (accommodation, shelter, or transport provided by one species for others), or when one species modifies the local environment to the benefit of others (see also Tischler 1979).


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