Standardized Instruments Used in the Assessment of Depression in the Scandinavian Countries

  • O. Lingjaerde


In 1969 the Committee on Clinical Investigations of the Scandinavian Society of Psychopharmacology carried out a questionnaire survey on the use of psychiatric rating scales in all psychiatric institutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland [12]. Answers were received from 131 (44%) institutions, 36 of which had been employing rating scales. In half of these institutions, rating scales had been used in depressive states, in nine institutions in schizophrenia, in six institutions in neuroses, and in four institutions in psychogeriatric patients. Thus, depression was by far the predominant illness for which rating scales had been used. The most commonly used depression rating scales were Hamilton’s (mentioned by eight), Beck or Beck-Pichot’s (mentioned by four), and Cronholm-Ottosson’s (mentioned by three). Only rarely were scales used routinely — in most instances they were used in connection with special research projects.


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