Cytogenetic Studies in Acute Leukemia and in the Blast Phase of the Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia

  • F. Carbonell
  • V. Klinnert
  • A. Ganser
  • T. M. Fliedner
  • H. Heimpel
  • D. Hoelzer
Conference paper


Since 1960, when Nowell and Hungerford [1] observed for the first time the Philadelphia chromosome (Ph′) in patients with chronic myelocytic leukemia (CML), the interest in cytogenetical studies in hematological disorders has increased. However, at the beginning of cytogenetical investigation no further abnormalities could be found with the commonly used techniques. In the early 1970s, a major innovation in cytogenetics occurred with the discovery of new techniques which allowed a better identification of chromosomes [2, 3]. With the new banding techniques it was possible, in addition to numerical alterations, to identify many structural abnormalities, particularly deletions and translocations in the leukemic karyotype. Recently, new culture methods have been developed which increase the number of leukemic metaphases available for analysis and at the same time allow a better morphological identification of the chromosome changes [4]. Recent progress indicates that the chromosome studies in leukemia could be useful for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy [5–7]. In our present report we want to discuss two aspects: the contribution of cytogenetical analysis to the diagnosis and classification of leukemic disorders and the influence of different types of cell cultures on the clonal expression of the leukemic cells.


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