Organ Transplantation

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Article 15 of the political constitution in force in 1978 states: “Everyone has the right to protection from danger to his life and to physical and moral integrity; no-one may be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment.” Another constitutional right is personal and ideological freedom (article 17), as is the opportunity to develop one’s personality (article 10), and anyone may use his body as he pleases. Thus the law of organ removal and transplantation of 27 October 1979, as well as the previous law of 18 December 1950, establish the conditions and requirements for the legality of those operations. This law was developed by a statute of 22 February 1980. We must also consider the decree of 26 June 1975 concerning blood banks and blood-donors, and the order of 15 April 1981 concerning eye banks. These legal provisions are the result of many scientific works.31


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