Civil Responsibility of Medical Institutions: Legal Nature of Responsibility

  • Erwin Deutsch
  • Hans-Ludwig Schreiber


According to the prevailing opinion of Soviet legal theory, and in practice, the civil responsibility of medical institutions for damage caused by treatment contrary to regulations is of a non-contractual, i.e. tort, character.30 It is considered that the duty of medical institutions to render medical aid to citizens is based directly on the law. The content of that duty is determined by the character of the special activities performed by medical institutions; these activities are regulated in more details in their statutes. The prevailing view is that relations between a medical institution and the patient regarding his life and health are not regulated by civil law norms; rather, they come into the sphere which is otherwise regulated by civil law norms only if the medical institution completely or partially fails to fulfil its duties towards the patient, thus causing him damage.31 The protection of life and health of citizens by means of civil law is thus effected not directly, but indirectly.


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