‘New’ Entities in the Central Nervous System: The [Paracrine?] Core and Its Adjuncts

  • Rudolf Nieuwenhuys


In the preceding chapter I have attempted to characterize the present state of chemical neuroanatomy and its relations to classical neuroanatomy in twenty statements, and I have added shorter or longer comments to each of these. In this chapter I will develop a new view on the organization of certain parts of the neuraxis. In doing so I will not hesitate to go clearly beyond well-established data at some points. Thus, the character of this chapter is speculative and differs considerably from that of the preceding ones. Nevertheless, the format of statements followed by comments will be maintained, and the numbering of the statements will also be continued. An important advantage of this mode of recording is that it facilitates cross-reference of the various statements.


Limbic System Medial Forebrain Bundle Lateral Hypothalamic Area Amygdaloid Complex Medial Preoptic Area 
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