Endings of Afferent Nerve Fibers. Meissner’s Corpuscle (Modified from ANDRES and DÜHRING 1973)

  • Radivoj V. Krstić


Meissner’s corpuscles belong to the socalled encapsulated end organs. Following metallic staining, the corpuscles (Fig. A; see Plate 185), which occur at the tip of a connective tissue papilla, appear as ovoid, 50- to 150-μm-long and 60-μm-broad structures. They are made up of stacked, partially flattened, pear-shaped tactile cells (Fig.A1), whose nuclei are predominantly located at the periphery of the corpuscle. Between the tactile cells, there is a network of unmyelinated nerve fibers (Fig. A2), which become myelinated upon leaving the corpuscle (Fig. A3).


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  1. Castano P, Ventura RG (1979) The Meissner’s corpuscle of the green monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops L).: II. The connective tissue component. Some considerations from a functional standpoint. J Submicrosc Cytol 11:185–191.Google Scholar

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