Partly Hypothetical Representation of the Interaction Between Actin and Myosin Myofilaments in Relaxed and Contracted Myofibrils (Modified after HAM 1974 and MOREL and PINSET-HÄRSTRÖM 1975)

  • Radivoj V. Krstić


The thick myosin myofilaments (Figs. A1, B1) are composed of bipartite, threadlike, approximately 150-nm-long myosin molecules. Light meromyosin (Figs. A2, B2), which is approximately 80 nm long, makes up the actual backbone of myosin myofilaments, whereas heavy meromyosin (Figs. A3, B3) forms shorter sections and terminates in a globular head (Figs. A4, B4).


Myosin Head Myosin Filament Globular Head Heavy Meromyosin Hypothetical Representation 
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