Chromatin Structure of the Human c-myc Oncogene: Definition of Regulatory Regions and Changes in Burkitt’s Lymphomas

  • U. Siebenlist
  • L. Hennighausen
  • J. Battey
  • P. Leder
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Chromosomal translocations of the myc oncogene are a consistent feature of all Burkitt’s lymphomas and are also observed in many murine plasmacytomas. These translocations of myc occur into the immunoglobulin loci and they result in a general increase in myc transcription, but this increase in myc is variable [2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 21, 22]. Since myc may be regulated during the cell cycle (see [9]), deregulation may mean expression at the inappropriate time, which in turn may result in only a modest overall increase in transcription of myc in Burkitt’s lymphomas. On the other hand, the true (and unidentifled) precursor cell of Burkitt’s lymphomas may have a very low level of myc transcription and we are as yet unable to assess properly the true increase in transcription as a consequence of translocations.


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