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Dasyclad Algae Within Permian (Leonard) Cyclic Shelf Carbonates (“Abo”), Northern Midland Basin, West Texas

  • D. F. Toomey
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Over the past two decades, a series of papers have appeared relating to the subsurface Permian “Abo” sequence of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico. These include works by Grills (1981), Jeary (1978), LeMay (1960a,b, 1972), McCaslin (1961), Nottingham (1966), Pitts (1977), and Runyan (1965). Most of these papers suggest a number of common features for this rock sequence: (1) that the “Abo” interval comprises basinal, fore-reef, reef, and back-reef sediments, (2) that this sequence rims the Delaware basin and a good portion of the northern Midland basin, and (3) that this represents a continuous barrier-reef complex of similar age, suggesting rather identical paleodepositional settings along this so-called barrier-reef.


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