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  • Wolfgang E. Krumbein
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 53)


Geology and Microbiology in the widest sense, as they are interconnected through new disciplines, such as Geomicrobiology, Biogeochemistry, Organic Geochemistry, Paleocology and Environmental Biogeochemistry, are increasingly creating awareness of the complex history of the “Green Planet Earth” Almost daily we receive new information on biological controls on the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and — astonishingly — also about the biological influence on such important processes as the genesis of ore, petroleum and salt deposits. This can only be achieved through the cooperation of geoscientists, microbiologists, and chemists. The traces of bygone biospheres are studied by paleoecologists and microbial ecologists with the goal of understanding the microbial ecology and bio-geochemistry of weathering and new formation of mineral deposits, and of the functional cooperative relationships between geosphere and biosphere.


Geological Correlation Organic Geochemistry Coastal Sabkha Rock Varnish Environmental Biogeochemistry 
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