Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone and Growth Hormone-Releasing Factor in the Evaluation of Hypophyseal Function in Children Undergoing CAPD

  • F. Perfumo
  • M. Giusti
  • D. Bessarione
  • F. Ginevri
  • G. Basile
  • R. Gusmano


Hormonal abnormalities are a well-known complication of the uremic syndrome, and it is well established that renal failure may be associated with a variety of endocrine disturbances and alterations in “feed-back control” mechanisms [1]. In uremic adults acquired defects in the hypothalamic-pituitary-target organ axis, manifested by glucose intolerance [2], decreased potency and reduced testicular size [3–5], and clinical signs of thyroid dysfunction [6] are well recognized, while in children, particularly prepubertal children, data are minimal [7–10].


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  • M. Giusti
  • D. Bessarione
  • F. Ginevri
  • G. Basile
  • R. Gusmano

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