Infrared Multiphoton Absorption and Decomposition

  • D. K. Evans
  • Robert D. McAlpine
Conference paper
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The discovery of infrared laser induced multiphoton absorption (IRMPA) and decomposition (IRMPD) by Isenor and Richardson in 1971 [1] generated a great deal of interest in these phenomena. This interest was increased with the discovery by Ambartzumian, Letokhov, Ryabov and Chekalin that iso- topically selective IRMPD was possible [2]. One of the first speculations about these phenomena was that it might be possible to excite a particular mode of a molecule with the intense infrared laser beam and cause decomposition or chemical reaction by channels which do not predominate thermally, thus providing new synthetic routes for complex chemicals. The potential applications to isotope separation and novel chemistry stimulated efforts to understand the underlying physics and chemistry of these processes. At ICOMP I, in 1977 and at ICOMP II in 1980, several authors reviewed the current understandings of IRMPA and IRMPD as well as the particular aspect of isotope separation [3,4]. There continues to be a great deal of effort into understanding IRMPA and IRMPD and we will briefly review some aspects of these efforts with particular emphasis on progress since ICOMP II.


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  • D. K. Evans
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  • Robert D. McAlpine
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  1. 1.Chalk River Nuclear LaboratoriesAtomic Energy of Canada Limited, Research CompanyChalk RiverCanada

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