The Use of Protoplasts in the Study of Coated Vesicles

  • B. G. Mersey
  • L. R. Griffing
  • L. C. Fowke
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In plant cells the plasma membrane functions as a selectively permeable boundary around the cytoplasm, acting in concert with the cell wall as an interface with the external environment. Organelles associated with the inner surface of the plasma membrane of walled cells include endoplasmic reticulum associated with the plasmodesmata, cytoskeletal elements such as cortical microtubules and microfilaments, and smooth and coated vesicles. As disruption of the plasmodesmata due to enzymatic degradation of the cell wall during the production of protoplasts also disrupts the association of the endoplasmic reticulum with the plasma membrane, in protoplasts the organelles associated with the plasma membrane are primarily cytoskeletal elements and smooth and coated vesicles of the cortical cytoplasm.


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