Gamma-Glutamyltransferase and Other Markers for Alcoholism

  • R. Teschke


Alcoholism is a wide spread disease, and the growing prevalence of alcohol-related disorders creates major medical and social problems throughout the developed world. Medical complications of alcoholism may include a variety of organs such as liver (Teschke 1981), pancreas (Goebell and Singer 1981), esophagus (Wienbeck and Berges 1981), gastrointestinal tract (Berges and Wienbeck 1981), heart (Kuhn 1981), bones (Lindsell et al. 1982), endocrine glands (Kley et al. 1981), brain (Feuerlein 1981), and peripheral nerves (Schrappe 1981), and recognizing these diseases as alcohol-related ones is usually not a problem.


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