Three Types of Large Nerve Cells in the Granular Layer of the Human Cerebellar Cortex

  • E. Braak
  • H. Braak
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Morphological classification of nerve cell types is generally done in Golgi preparations. Golgi-impregnated neurons are completely filled with precipitates of silver chromate rendering examination of cytoplasmic details impossible. With a new technique most of the precipitate is dissolved and the remainder is converted to small particles stable enough to withstand various counterstaining procedures. Lipofuscin or other cytoplasmic components can now be stained by suitable techniques.


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  1. Braak E, Braak H (1983) On three types of large nerve cells in the granular layer of the human cerebellar cortex. Anat Embryol 166: 67–86PubMedCrossRefGoogle Scholar

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