Community Health in Primary Care — A Workshop on Community-Oriented Primary Care

  • J. Gofin
  • N. Mainemer
  • S. L. Kark
Conference paper


The Hadassah Community Health Center at Kiryat Yovel in Western Jerusalem has been exploring various ways to develop a comprehensive approach to the provision of primary health care in the community. The basic features of the practice we have developed are: a focus on the health of the community as a whole and on its subgroups when appraising needs, planning and providing services and evaluating their effects, and this is done in the framework of a care. This is done in the framework of a practice providing primary clinical care for individuals and families in the community, with special attention to continuity of care. This integration of some aspects of community medicine with primary health care in the community has been referred to as “community-oriented primary care” (COPC) [1].


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  • N. Mainemer
  • S. L. Kark

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