Potential and Limits of Health Legislation, with Particular Respect to Prevention

  • J. F. Martin
Conference paper
Part of the Health Systems Research book series (HEALTH)


Explained in part by the difficulties industrialized countries have had in the last ten years, there is often now a tendency toward dependence upon more legislation as the way to insure a given situation is under control. In all areas of public life, there is room for legislation; in some of them, legislation is badly lacking. Yet, it is important that health professionals, legislators and executive magistrates remain aware that regulation is of varying relevance according to the health problem/sector one considers (Fielding 1983; Snoke 1982; Yankauer 1983). Also, while action from a central political/administrative level will be needed in certain cases, for others the main initiatives should be left to the periphery. Another fundamental aspect of this question is the increasing realization of the multifactorial etiology of most health disorders, in the individual, in the family and in the community. Should legislation seem indicated, the question is “Is the improvement of this situation likely to come from a piece of health legislation, or through regulations in another sector?”


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