Alterations in Health Perception and Lifestyle in Treated Hypertensives

  • B. J. Milne
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Several cross-sectional and longitudinal studies (Bloom & Monterossa, 1981; Monk, 1981; Mossey, 1981; Taylor et al, 1981) have demonstrated alterations in health perception, psychosocial functioning and work absenteeism in both treated and untreated but aware hypertensives. The results of these studies indicate that treatment of hypertension, and possibly knowledge of the condition alone, can have a negative impact on certain aspects of psychological and behavioural functioning. This study was undertaken to gain further knowledge of this phenomenon in the treated hypertensive patient. Specifically, it addresses two main questions: 1) What is the effect of the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension on the patient’s a) perceived state of health, b) participation in activities and c) self care behaviours related to weight, smoking and exercise; and 2) How long do these effects last?


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