Mass Communication by Means of Sex Education - Possibilities and Limits of Nonpersonal Intervention -

  • W. Werse
Conference paper
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Sexual standards are components of those social values, which are in a process of changing. However there are limits where the whole social system is endangered. Trends of sexual liberalization will only be accepted as they are parts of the whole social context and functional for the system. In the last years and decades changes of sexual standards and attitudes in the Federal Republic of Germany must be seen in this aspect. Something like a sexual revolution had only happened in picture magazines. But there is no question that today sexuality can be handled much more liberally then 20 years ago. This is demonstrated by the earlier start of sexual activities by adolescents, the availability of effective methods of contraception as well as the detailed information of sexual facts in mass media. In the media the complex ability of sexual experience often will not be described completely. Sexuality is an article for daily use which is easy to get and to consume there.


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