Adipokinetic Hormones in Locusts

  • G. J. Goldsworthy
  • C. H. Wheeler
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The actions of adipokinetic hormones are more diverse than their utilitarian name suggests. We will review here the known actions of these hormones in adult locusts to emphasise their importance in the integrated utilisation of metabolic fuels during flight. Other hormones are involved in the overall development of flight ability and control of flight metabolism [1], but we will restrict our attention to the adipokinetic peptides of locusts. Much work carried out in this area, especially during earlier years, necessarily used crude extracts of CC (corpora cardiaca) or their constituent glandular lobes as sources of hormone. It is now clear, however, that at least two adipokinetic peptides are present in such extracts. To distinguish between the two known peptides, we will use the abbreviation AKH—I for the peptide characterised by Mordue and his colleagues (this volume), and AKH—II for compound—II of Carlsen et al. [2]. Where no particular peptide is specified, or where tissue extracts have been used as a hormone source, we will use AKH as a general abbreviation for “adipokinetic hormone(s)“.


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  • G. J. Goldsworthy
  • C. H. Wheeler
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  1. 1.Department of ZoologyThe UniversityHullGreat Britain

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