Neurosecretion in Insects: Multisynthesis, Mode of Action, and Multiregulation

  • A. Girardie
  • J. Girardie
  • J. Proux
  • C. Rémy
  • J. Vieillemaringe
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In insects, the products of neurosecretory cells (NSC) play crucial roles in coordinating growth, development, and reproduction. Sufficient morphological information has been now accumulated (histochemistry, histofluorescence, immunohistology, cytology) to reveal that neurosecretory systems contain various types of NSC. Recent investigations have provided evidence, as is the case in vertebrates, of the existence of several neurosecretory products in the same neuron. In some insects, experimental studies have determined the function of some NSC: prothoracicotropic, allatotropic, diuretic, myo-tropic activities. It is generally agreed that the mechanism of neurohormone action on the target tissue acts through a cAMP-mediated process. The activity of the NSC is influenced by several factors probably including a multineuroendocrine regulation as in other invertebrates.


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  • A. Girardie
  • J. Girardie
  • J. Proux
  • C. Rémy
  • J. Vieillemaringe
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoire de Neuroendocrinologie, UA CNRS 683Université de Bordeaux ITalence CedexFrance

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