Antigen Report: HLA-Aw43

  • E. M. Campbell
  • E. D. du Toit
  • M. G. Hammond
  • M. Oudshoorn


In 1972, the occurrence of apparent triplets associated with HLA-A10 and A29 in the Khoisan populations of Namibia was reported [1]. In 1975 [6], an HLA-A10/A29 allele was defined in terms of the Fifth International Histocompatibility Workshop antisera and designated BK. The Sixth and Seventh Workshops [2, 3] provided further opportunities for studying BK. At both these workshops BK was serologically well defined with reactions involving HLA-A10, A26, and A29 antisera and was shown to segregate clearly within families. During the Eighth Workshop a monospecific HLA-Aw43 antibody was used for the first time, simplifying the assignment of this antigen [4]. Although at the time of the Eighth Workshop, HLA-Aw43 had only been found in Khoisan, Cape Colored, Xhosa, and South African Caucasoid individuals in Cape Town [4], we felt that HLA-Aw43 would eventually be detected in other Southern African groups.


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  • E. M. Campbell
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  • E. D. du Toit
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  • M. G. Hammond
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  • M. Oudshoorn
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  1. 1.Provincial Laboratory for Tissue ImmunologyObservatorySouth Africa
  2. 2.Natal Institute of ImmunologyDurbanSouth Africa

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