DNA Polymorphism of HLA-DRβ and HLA-DPβ Genes

  • A. K. L. So
  • J. Trowsdale
  • J. G. Bodmer
  • W. F. Bodmer


The existence of at least three sets of cell surface products encoded by the HLA-D region — DR, DQ and DP — has been established by serological, cellular biochemical and molecular studies [for reviews see 1, 2]. The initial definition of DR was based on alloantisera reactive against B cell determinants, which showed extensive polymorphism. Serological and biochemical studies of the cross-reactive determinants detected within the DR series indicated the existence of a second allelic series of cell surface products, DQ (DC or MB), which are in strong linkage disequilibrium with DR alleles. Subsequently, a third series, DP (SB), was defined by primed lymphocyte typing [3], and available biochemical studies show that it is distinct from DR and DQ [4]. A fourth set of products, closely related to DR, has been described [5]. They are probably the antigens recognised by the MT or BR group of apparently cross-reactive sera [6], and are also coded for in the DR subregion.


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  • A. K. L. So
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  • J. Trowsdale
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  • J. G. Bodmer
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  • W. F. Bodmer
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