Retroperitoneal Masses

  • H. Schreyer
  • G. H. Schneider
  • E. Tölly
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The aim of investigation methods in the diagnosing of retroperitoneal diseases is to confirm their existence and to determine their location, extent, and consistency. The retroperitoneum is difficult to evaluate with conventional radiographic methods. Intravenous urography and, in some cases, barium studies provide only indirect evidence based on organ displacement, and lesions may grow to a considerable size before being detected. It was not until advances were made in abdominal angiography that progress in visualizing retroperitoneal mass lesions became possible. Lymphography made the visualization of some of the retroperitoneal lymph nodes feasible. When ultrasound and CT were introduced direct imaging of retroperitoneal lesions became possible. These methods enable determination of retroperitoneal pathology and its relationship to other retroperitoneal structures.


Aortic Aneurysm Psoas Muscle Ureteral Obstruction Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Retroperitoneal Fibrosis 
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