CER, Cell Surface-Flagellum Relationship During Flagellar Development

  • L. S. Kawano
  • G. Benjamin Bouck
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Flagella of algae differ from those of most other eukaryotic organisms both in their point of attachment (anterior or bilateral) and in their extraordinary surface appendages which may include scales, spines and/or mastigonemes. Scales and mastigonemes have proven to be especially useful in clarifying the origin of surface materials in general since their synthesis and assembly can frequently be traced to intracellular compartments which include the Golgi apparatus (Manton 1966), chloroplast E (CER, Mignot and Brugerolle 1982) and possibly even the mitochondrion (Moestrup 1982). However, while the structural pathway for some scales and mastigonemes may be reasonably well resolved, relatively little information is available on the biochemical composition and synthesis of individual components of these complexes.


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  • G. Benjamin Bouck
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