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  • Pierre Dustin


MT appear to have two contradictory properties: in some conditions they are in a state of dynamic equilibrium and display a considerable lability, as seen during mitosis (cf. Chap. 10); on the other hand, they may act as supporting structures in various cells and in differentiated organelles, such as cilia, axopodia, cytopharyngeal baskets. MT are also associated with various types of cell movements, as in ciliary beating, secretion, neuroplasmic flow, mitosis. As described in previous chapters, many molecules are associated with the tubulin framework: in cilia, for instance, the origin of movement is clearly the ATPase dynein (cf. Chap. 7). In structural functions, MT are most often seen to be connected by links or bridges, and in Chapter 2 the importance of the various types of associated proteins has been mentioned (HMW proteins, MAPs, tau factor). It is also evident that these proteins vary from one cell to another: in the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum, MAPs may be associated with the dendrites and not with the axonal MT (cf. Chap. 2).


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