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History and Development of Pediatric Anesthesia in Japan

  • M. Satoyoshi


Pediatric surgery, especially for neonates and infants is now widely practiced in Japan, although it was not accepted as a subspecialty of surgery until 15 years ago. Pediatric surgery actually started in 1955 with the first report of successful operation on a newborn with congenital intestinal obstruction. This momentous case was performed under local anesthesia by Suruga, a pioneer of this field in Japan, at one of the charity hospitals in Tokyo. He endeavored to advance pediatric surgery in 1957 in collaboration with his anesthetist, Satoyoshi. Surgeons, however, did not generally understand the place of the anesthetist. In 1959, pediatric anesthesia was first adopted as one of the topics of symposia at the 15th General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress. A paper entitled “Neonatal anesthesia” was presented by Satoyoshi which aroused considerable attention as to the importance of anesthetic management and postoperative care [1].


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