Legislation for Waste Treatment in the United Kingdom

  • James T. Farquhar


Up until the year 1972, there was no single national Act of the UK Parliament which was specifically aimed at the control of those who disposed of waste. This did not however mean that prior to 1972, the disposal of waste was free from all controls. A number of local Acts were in existence under which Parliament had given powers to certain local authorities to control aspects of waste disposal in their areas. Also, under the traditional law of England and Wales it was always possible in certain cases to take legal action against anyone where nuisance or negligence could be established as a result of waste disposal operations. Nuisance was traditionally defined as the unlawful interference with a person’s use or enjoyment of land or of some right in connection with it. The possible forms of interference are innumberable, but some of the most usual are, noise, smell and the pollution of air or water.


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