Angiographic Explorations: Critical Appraisal of Coronary Arteriography

  • Michel Amiel
  • Attilio Maseri
  • Hubert Petitier
  • Norbert Vasile


The degree of reliability of angiographic documents for analysis depends on several factors
  • the film quality of the images (mastery of the techniques of radiological filming and development);

  • knowledge of the enlargement factor (choice of a precise method for its measurement);

  • certainty that no part of the ventricle or coronary arteries escapes observation (correct centring on the film, and panning, if necessary);

  • the possibility of obtaining a complete spatial representation of the left ventricle (LV) (LV filmed in two complementary projections, and simultaneously, if possible — that is, preferably with a biplanar system;

  • certainty that all arterial segments are clear, in at least one projection, of any su- perimposition of an adjacent artery (sufficiently numerous projections and suitable angulations);

  • lack of doubt about the atheromatous or vasospastic nature of a stenotic or occlusive lesion (judicious use of nitroglycerin);

  • the validity of the methods of measurement chosen;

  • and the vigilance, objectivity and competence (level of theoretical knowledge and degree of experience) of the person analysing the ventriculography and coronary arteriography documents.


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