Early and Late Complications After Supraglottic Partial Resection of the Larynx

  • J. Czigner


There is no doubt that patients who have had a successful supraglottic partial laryngectomy are in a more acceptable state than total laryngectomees. On the other hand, these procedures bring about some undesired consequences although not all of these have to be considered as real complications. Transitory mucosal edema of the residual larynx and various difficulties of swallowing occur in all patients for some days. They resolve spontaneously, but patients must have an effective cough as well as adequate pulmonary function. By the end of the second or third postoperative week, the airway becomes adequate and both the tracheostomy tube and the nasogastric tube can be removed. Oral feeding is attained in most of the patients (Calearo and Teatini 1972).


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