The Treatment of Closed Fractures with Soft Tissue Injuries

  • H. Tscherne
  • M. Rojczyk


Increasingly, closed fractures with associated soft tissue injuries are presenting the attending physician with difficult decisions in terms of diagnosis and management (Tscherne, Brügge-mann 1976; Weiss et al. 1978). The soft tissue trauma is usually more difficult to evaluate than in open fractures, often causing the surgeon to underestimate the true extent of the damage. A full-thickness skin contusion is a more serious injury than the simple skin perforation characteristic of open fractures. Skin necrosis leading to secondary infection is a typical complication of the closed injury. Even in the absence of full-thickness necrosis, the contusion can disrupt the integrity of the cutaneous barrier, rendering it permeable to bacteria.


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  • M. Rojczyk

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