Reversible Dioxygen Binding

  • K. Gersonde
Part of the Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie 14.–16. April 1983 in Mosbach/Baden book series (MOSBACH, volume 34)


For the transport of molecular oxygen by extracellular fluids, for diffusion enhancement, and for storage of O2 within the cells (Hemmingsen 1963; Wittenberg et al. 1974) reversible dioxygen-metal adducts have to be formed (Antonini and Brunori 1971). Three classes of such adducts exist:Hemoglobins and myoglobins which provide mononuclear iron centers for binding of dioxygen (Antonini and Brunori 1971; Christomanos 1973), hemerythrins (Llinas 1973; Stenkamp and Jensen 1979; Stenkamp et al. 1981), and hemocyanins (Mangum 1980; Markl et al. 1982; van Holden and Miller 1982; Preaux and Gielens 1983), which utilize dinuclear iron and copper centers, respectively, for this purpose (see Table 1).


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