Metabolism of Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds

  • Hermann Bothe
Part of the Progress in Botany / Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 45)


A monograph on (di)nitrogen fixation has recently been written by POSTGATE (1982) emphasizing aspects of biochemistry and genetics. This book is complemental to the earlier monographs on the biology of N2-fixing organisms by SPRENT (1979) and on methodology issued by BERGERSEN (1980). Proceedings from symposia are edited by GIBSON and NEWTON (1981), BOTHE and TREBST (1981) and PÜHLER (1983). A special symposium report with several contributions on Azospivillum genetics, physiology, and ecology was edited by KLINGMÜLLER (1982). Various reviews have been published; those on biochemistry (EMERICH et al. 1981, ZUMFT 1981, BOTHE et al. 1983), on genetics (ROBERTS and BRILL 1981, MAGASANIK 1982, PÜHLER and HEUMANN 1981), on the O2-sensitivity of nitrogenase (GALLON 1981), and on blue-green algal N2-fixation (BOTHE 1982) are to be mentioned.


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